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“Grief, often the most profound form of sorrow, demands the support and compassion of our fellow human beings.” – Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D



     Grief counseling aims to companion with and help people cope following the death of a loved one, and is also for those grieving other losses such as those incurred via health issues, separation/divorce, job and/or location change...  Unresolved grief can be cumulative and effect you negatively body, mind, and spirit.

     Sometimes we all need to talk with an objective, nonjudgmental other…  someone who will really listen to us, witness what we’re going through, and companion us on the journey, no matter how long it takes.  Perhaps your family, friends, and co-workers feel you should be ‘better’ by now so you don’t talk with them about it anymore…sometimes they are dealing with their own struggles and unable to be fully present to you. 
     Often we need to talk about our losses over and over again as we try to make sense of what happened…  sometimes we’ll never know all the whys and wherefores.  But by talking about it, writing about it, ritual and ceremony, and a myriad of other ways, we can integrate the loss, so we can heal and live our lives as wholly as possible. 
     If this applies to you, please don’t let fear, shame, anger, or other such feelings prevent you from telling your story and getting the help you need.  
     Sessions are 60 minutes.  A sliding fee scale is available.




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