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…in the house of faith, there are many rooms.” 

– from the movie ‘Life of Pi’    

     Spiritual direction is a non-denominational exploration of where Spirit moves in your life.  The executive director of Spiritual Directors International, Liz Bud Ellmann, MDIV, says this about spiritual direction, “Spiritual direction explores a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human.  Simply put, spiritual direction is helping people tell their sacred stories everyday.”     


     Spiritual direction is NOT psychotherapy nor a substitute for it.  It is not unusual, however, for a directee to be in therapy and spiritual direction simultaneously.  


     Some call spiritual direction by different terms as ‘direction’ sounds too, well, directive. Other descriptors include ‘spiritual companionship, ’’tending the holy,’ ‘journeying with’...  an apropos metaphor for spiritual direction is that of ‘midwifery.’     


     A session entails the ‘holy listening,’ attentiveness, and presence of the director as the directee tells their story…  what has moved the directee to seek direction?  The director and directee work together to explore and discern where God is at work in their life.     

     The only expectation in spiritual direction is that God's presence will be there.


     Sessions are 60 minutes, usually held once or twice a month, and are open-ended.  A sliding fee scale is available.

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